Working together on circularity

Providing services for third parties

Maintenance, collecting, sorting, recycling

I provide maintenance for third parties

Maintaining professional textiles is your core business.
Through your approach and maintenance contracts with your clients, you are now a link in the framework of textile circularity because you are contributing to a longer and controlled life for their textiles.
Double this contribution and now provide an additional service as a selective collection point for approved collectors / operators.

Circletex contributes to your reputation as a socially responsible company.

Get in touch with Circletex-affiliated manufacturers, distributors, importers and operators via Circletex. If you wish, approach your clients together for a complete solution.

Recognition that:

  • Your company considers corporate social responsibility very important.
  • Your organisation provides a service to your stakeholders, by means of an adjusted processing flow, for collecting textiles in a selective manner.
  • Your company guarantees traceability of the textiles within Circletex and works together with Circletex-approved collectors/processors/operators to this end
  • You are willing, if you import textiles from abroad to put on the Belgian market yourself (via sale/rental/lease contracts), to comply with the terms and conditions of the affiliation agreement as a participant.

I am a collector / sorter / recycler

You are already a collector, sorter or recycler of products with textiles, or you wish to specialise further in this. Circletex is a logical step to take here.
By increasing insights into the chain and thus expanding your knowledge as well, it is possible to strive for realistic targets and solutions concerning selective collection, recycling and reuse of textiles.
In short, Circletex is collaboration within a Belgian system, a hub of a European system in the making called ReHubs.

Circletex is opening up new markets and offering an answer to administrative processing which is and remains future proof.

Get in touch with Circletex-affiliated producers, distributors / importers and industrial laundries via Circletex.

Recognition that:

  • your organisation reports:
    • Quarterly: consolidated figures regarding the amount of selectively collected professional end-of-life textiles and the destination of these textiles.
    • Annually: detailed figures regarding the amount of selectively collected professional end-of-life textiles and the destination of these textiles.
  • Your organisation, where necessary, as a link in the chain, will participate in projects to limit and scale back the textile waste mountain.