Working together on circularity

Purchase, produce, rent, lease or sell outside Belgium

I produce / sell / lease

outside Belgium

For Belgium, you have no additional obligations regarding circular responsibility for products containing textiles.

However, ask about the local requirements for your foreign sales.

Get in touch with foreign systems, for example Refashion (France), via Circletex.

Circletex contributes to your reputation as a socially responsible company.

Recognition that your company:

  • considers corporate social responsibility very important
  • is striving for a circular economy
  • is aware that traceability of textiles that are put on the Belgian market is important for this.
  • is aware that projects for the purpose of limiting and scaling back the textile waste mountain must be further developed and optimised
  • pays a contribution to monitor and implement all this
  • collaborates with Circletex industrial laundries and Circletex collectors/processors/operators as much as possible in the context of take-back.

I purchase / rent / lease

from a supplier outside Belgium

Because circularity is important for people, the environment and the planet, this is also an important selection criterion for your organisation.

Discuss with your supplier who is to assume circular responsibility for products with textiles which are offered on the Belgian market. And therefore, who is affiliated with Circletex.

There are two possible scenarios for you:

  • I will ask my suppliers* to provide evidence of Circular responsibility. Suppliers who are Circletex participants already qualify for this additional selection criterion.
  • Is the EPR legislation already in force? Then I will align myself with this legislation and endorse my organisation as a Circletex participant importer

Circletex contributes to your reputation as a socially responsible company.

Get in touch with Circletex-affiliated manufacturers, distributors, importers and operators via Circletex. If you wish, approach your clients together for a complete solution.

*Did you know that foreign organisations can also affiliate themselves with Circletex regarding the share of their products which they put on the Belgian market?